The Holiday Slash Fic Archive
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Welcome. This is a brand new multi-fandom fanfiction archive. This archive is a little different though. Only slash fanfiction (fic involving gay or lesbian relationships) is allowed here. The fic must also take place or celebrate a holiday! There is no restrictions on what holidays the fic takes place during. It can be anything from Christmas, to Hanukkah, to Independence Day, to Washington's Birthday... any holiday is accepted!

There are also no restrictions on what fandom the fic is from. In the header their are only images of various cast members and couples from a select few fandoms, but all fandoms are more than welcome -movie, book, comic, or TV based! For those of you interested, the image above features: Nathan, Stuart, and Alexander of Queer As Folk UK, Fred of Angel, Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Justin and Brian of Queer As Folk.

To navigate this site use the links at the bottom of the page. If you encounter any problems let me know!

    Recent Updates:
  • February 7, 2002: New layout! New Year's Slash by Ashtareth [Rated NC-17] has been archived. I also added new buttons & banners to the "Link Here" page, and I added lots of new links!

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